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How to break through wooden wine brand?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-14
The survival of the fittest, as the wine market downturn in recent years many wine enterprises face the threat of being eliminated by the market. Especially alcohol in the secondary market to do? How to survive in the secondary market is better? Domestic secondary market due to the regional protection regulation is not enough, channel is too single, brand advantage is not obvious problems hinder its development. Products and more miscellaneous, before you sell product profit big anything, eventually leading to compete with similar companies on the market when the difference is not obvious, serious homogeneity, so in the face of the market comprehensive competition, while the lack of a market differentiation advantage brand products. Brand as a kind of spiritual strength, it can give offline channels a reveal strength, show specialization degree, demonstrate the role of market differentiation. So from the selection of varieties, brand identity, advertising, packaging, wine culture, part of the merchants began to focus on investment, for the next round of boom, before the arrival of brands. Admittedly the secondary market is more red wine, the agents can't design changes in the subject matter of the wine bottle, wine, make the product is difficult to identify. At this point, as the most eye-catching red wine packaging has become a choice. The outstanding position more and more merchants on the outer packing label brand, let each packing for your save millions of advertising costs, become the most effective tools for word of mouth. Process for customized production wooden wine boxes, let history and one of your wine!
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