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how to build a simple computer desk

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-09
Are you looking for a computer desk? You don\'t want to buy cheap box shops and/or can\'t afford to buy premium ones.
Well, you have a middle ground in doing it yourself. Read on. . . .
A few years ago, I decided to buy a computer desk.
After visiting six furniture stores and department stores, I came to the conclusion that there are only two types of computer tables on the market;
Very expensive garbage in high-end furniture stores and pressure plate garbage in low-cost box stores.
I don\'t have a budget and taste, but I need a computer desk.
It was in this process that I came up with an idea to build my own simple computer desk.
I remember seeing separate kitchen cabinets for sale at a local home improvement shop.
I think, hey, if I can put a countertop on two cabinets, I will have a fully functional computer desk.
Considering the idea, I picked up the tape measure and drove to a local home improvement shop to find the components for my computer desk.
There are many separate kitchen cabinets for sale in this shop, made of a variety of wood.
Some are low-end buildings while others are higherConstruction is over.
I found a cabinet with a top drawer and a large front door with adjustable shelving.
Then I found another cabinet that was completely made up of a column of drawers.
After pulling them aside, I visited the countertop area of the store and, surprisingly, I found the pre-
Manufactured 5 feet countertops for sale.
I chose one that was beautiful to me and placed it on the top of the two cabinets.
I separate the two kitchen cabinets so that they are located at the far end of the table top to accommodate chairs and seating.
I then did a height measurement and determined that the only modification needed was to cut about 2 inch from the bottom of each kitchen cabinet.
I almost realized the idea of building a computer desk with a desk, I purchased two kitchen cabinets and countertops and took them home for assembly.
I removed 2 inch of the cabinet base with a skill saw.
This is easy to do because the cabinets are about 3 inch square meters under the fixed base cabinet rack and drawers that are actually empty.
I then put the two cabinets in my office area and use the screws and brackets to fit the kitchen countertop onto the two cabinets.
Finally, I installed a keyboard tray slider on the lower side of the countertop, and my beautiful and practical computer desk is ready for use.
Note: keyboard tray sliders can be found in most office stores.
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