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How to choose the moon cake box custom manufacturer?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Choose the moon cake box custom manufacturer, generally you will need to consider the the following information, these only preliminary mastered these information, so late for moon cake box, will save a lot of time and energy. 1, choose the moon cake box manufacturers, are generally need to have a formal certification company, have the food and environmental protection projects, ensure good management system, to ensure the quality and quantity of delivery. 2, choose to have years of experience of moon cake box custom manufacturer, good cooperation with large enterprises, the preferred choice of the enterprise. 3, and the choice of research and development, design and production sets a wooden box factory, without multi-channel complex link, the mediation is convenient, high work efficiency, more speed compared to the time of delivery. 4, moon cake box of the after-sales service is very important, after the custom, manufacturers of goods in transit are damaged or quality problem, can the unconditional return! Have a good after-sales service, in a timely manner to solve customer's worries. 5, according to the above four points, I believe that everyone has a clear know moon cake box custom to choose a design, research and development production sets a manufacturers, has many years of wooden packaging customization industry experience, and with the brand company to establish long-term relations of cooperation. Hangzhou heng tai factory is a factory has many years of experience in production of moon cake box customized, design the production of various types of moon cake box, long-term foreign custom, moon cake box custom friends too, welcome to consult our manufacturer.
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