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How to choose the wooden gift box lined with

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-17
In wooden packing box custom, custom wooden gift box is a kind of very important, also is one of the most widely USES. In custom wooden gift box, we must first consider is the determination of the material selection and style style wooden packing box, and seldom go to the wooden box lined with. For wooden packing box, how to choose a suitable lining is a very important link, it will directly affect the choice of the whole class wooden packing box. For the customer, they don't know the material of the lining and use is normal, but, as a professional packaging custom company, we need to know the pros and cons of different lining material, and recommend to the customer at the appropriate time. On common wooden gift box lined with next, we introduce a ballpark: paper or corrugated paper lining: our common wooden packing box is mostly on paper, at the same time, the paper can achieve the unity of the style of lining. Paperboard and corrugated paper cheap material, environment protection, convenient processing, very popular with the merchants. At the same time, the paper lined with easy to finalize the design, and has a good buffer performance, in transit can protect the support for the whole article. Print lining is often used in electronic product packaging, wine packaging, etc. EVA lining: EVA is a kind of polyethylene foam products, with good elasticity, flexibility, stamping resistance and impermeability. EVA lining surface smooth, uniform fine, soft and thick, has a good cushion performance. EVA lining groove design can be done, or on the surface of flocking, groove design can have the effect of fixed and display products, and flocking design lining surface can be more soft and shiny. EVA lining used in the packaging of precious, fragile. Sponge lining: sponge liner is suitable for high grade product packaging can have the effect of buffer shock absorption, at the same time, the sponge lining and environmental protection lining, anti-static sponge sponge liner and fire-proof sponge liner. Among them, anti-static sponge liner for electronic products, chip, can protect the product from the electrostatic damage. Sponge of low cost and easy processing, one of the lining material is also very popular with businesses. Plastic lining: believe everyone for plastic lining will not unfamiliar, plastic lining is often used in food packaging, such as the moon cake gift packaging. Plastic lining, though not soft not environmental protection, do one of the most people use lining materials. Plastic lined with good stability, compression resistance, it is not easy deformation and cheap. When used, it often match with silk, silk has the very good gloss, can increase the simple sense of the whole box. Lining made of different materials have different advantages, how to choose suitable lining material, I believe you already have a preliminary judgment. In the process of transportation or handling, lining can reduce the risk of loss of goods, but also can promote the grade of the packaging.
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