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How to discern the stand or fall of acrylic material?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-19
Acrylic products material to distinguish method actually has a lot of, this is just one part of in discrimination at ordinary times can also be used to acrylic as a new material is used in all walks of life, is now on the market the quality of all kinds of acrylic products emerge in endlessly, want to pick out a high quality acrylic products also is not an easy thing, so small make up to you to provide a few can distinguish acrylic quality: 1. Observation: generally can see acrylic high gloss and transparency from the surface, if feel yakeli have faded or gloss is not high, that means quality acrylic material itself is bad; 2. Touching: familiar with acrylic knows that good quality acrylic surface colour and lustre is bright beautiful, hand feels there is a feeling of coagulate fat, if has the feeling of lime on the surface, look there will be a few small pores, the material is not recommended for selected; 3. The principle of light: light is acrylic high light transmittance, and through the light refraction, then don't absorb light were, a method of identification of the acrylic products can generally through the light is white light, if it is found that the yellow or blue, it is a problem; 4. Paste method, its principle is to use good acrylic and acrylic adhesive degree is different to distinguish, quality time together after the acrylic adhesive is hard to separate, good quality acrylic is easy to separate.
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