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How to do the rationalization of box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-16
Packing box can guarantee the safety of the products in transport, improve the grade of the product. With the rapid development of modern industry and the continuous improvement of people's living standard, people's demand of the box will be increased. The function of packaging is numerous, in order to realize the function of the packaging, to ensure that the logistics smooth, should be the rationalization of box, so should be how to do the rationalization of box? Below small make up to introduce. 1, the packing box of rationalization from the product design phase to start packing box of rationalization should grab from fountainhead, the product design is the rationalization of the source box. The traditional industry in product design, often mainly consider the quality of the products, performance, design, material selection, cost, such as small and compact, less emphasis on the rationality of the packaging, packaging material savings to move, warehousing, transportation convenience and rationality. Architectural design, especially the shops and prosperous neighborhood buildings design, more want to consider the convenience of cargo handling operation. In product design phase is to fully consider the rationality of the packing box, packing mould standardization, mold the consistency between the size of the tray, packing materials recycling and resource recycling. 2, the rationalization of box coordinated with peripheral factors due to the packing box is just a link in the logistics system, need to consider the rationality of the box, a comprehensive, only coordinated, the relevant factors to overall logistics effect. Abroad some stores take big box or simple packaging method, the packing, the savings will be used to lower the price of commodities, to attract consumers. 3, packing box and personality factors in the environmental protection packing box in a body in addition to consider logistics factors, also consider 'personality factors and environmental requirements. Packing box, suitable for carrying the goods of display, put, beautiful, generous, both decorative, some packaging design also take into account people's mood, religion, ethnic customs, consumer psychology and so on, such as' nostalgic packaging ', 'grimace of gift box', 'animal image packaging' and 'Foley packaging. Box of rationalization is implemented through the rationalization of the gift box, packing box of rationalization from the packaging design to achieve rationalization, and packaging material can't impact to human body health, and to facilitate recycling and reuse, should emphasize 'green packaging' consciousness, improve the level of green packaging. Small make up: SQS changed in 2019. 2. 25
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