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How to effectively control cost of wooden gift boxes production

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
As is known to all, wooden gift box plays an important role in promotion, we must learn to properly control the cost, the pursuit of interests, maintain the budget were little changed. So how to reasonably control the wooden gift boxes production costs? 1, reasonable design dimensions: shopping malls wooden gift box, they will be based on what gifts, or for the customer to choose different size of wooden gift box. This is targeted to choose. In order to save cost, as the packaging manufactory to ensure the anti-embrittlement cutting precision and accuracy of folding pasting box. In the aspect of equipment, need to continuously improve equipment automation degree, regular maintenance inspection, to ensure its high speed operation, improve the quantity and quality of printing. 2, reasonably select material: commonly used wooden gift boxes of material, kraft paper, coated paper, white cardboard, white board paper. In today's advocate green environmental protection, the choice of material also should follow the trend. Can choose according to the environmental protection of kraft paper. Made of kraft paper, wooden gift box, characterized by fastness is larger, the cost is low, general merchandise can be applied. Of course, you can choose according to product positioning of different paper.
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