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How to fold system of wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-10
We all know what wooden gift boxes, wooden gift box you will fold system? His hands folded, actually fold themselves also very beautiful, to start to give it a try here. 1, take out a square paper, diagonal fold, another diagonal also fold, then open the can; 2, the two sides in the corner of the diagonal line fold together, leave clear crease in the swing, the other three Angle is also repeated operation; 3, in the middle of the square origami we could see the octagonal crease, two adjacent edge to fold along the octagon, form the protrusions of the triangle; On the right side of the same steps to fold; Form two triangular ridges; 4, the larger the triangular ridges, open the pressure from the middle flat, screaming among both sides like open, pull the screaming up form the petals, repeat the above operation, the other part in it, and form a square wooden gift box. Steps are complicated, but easy to understand, we can operate on their own. Choose wooden gift boxes can call us, we produce all kinds of packing box, wooden gift box, variety, color collocation is proper, welcome to choose and buy. Small make up: SQS
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