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How to make a square wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-15
Lots of presents are made with square wooden gift box packaging, so this kind of gift box is how to make? The wooden gift box manufacturers to teach everyone to learn together: 1. Cut wrapping paper, than box near length increased 2 ~ 3 cm long, 3 cm wide more than the width of the box, with this up in the paper the central; 2. Is on the right side of the paper along the fold inward into the box, and keep the paper edge is located in the central box; 3. Then on the left side of the paper folding inward; 4. Paper overlap with adhesive tape or double-sided adhesive, and will be on both sides of the paper inside the box to the folding; 5. According to the order into the box good-looking trapezoid, the junction ready; 6. Keep markers and parallel to the edge, folding the paper below, 7. Use tape to fix junction, then the other side, turn to positive, wooden gift boxes decorated with ribbons and flowers. According to the above steps, a beautiful, generous square wooden gift box is ready, can packaging gift for friends and family to express feelings, and can be used to decorate the home house. If still question how everyone, welcome to call. Small make up: SQS
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