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How to prevent mould symptom of wooden gift box

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
To prevent wooden gift boxes be affected with damp be affected with damp and moldy, often be mildew proof measures in wooden gift box processing stages. 1, dry mouldproof packaging technology: the microbial living environment cause dry lack water, under the condition of dry, do not develop mold, goods will not rot. 2, the gas phase anti-mold packaging technology: refers to the use of volatile anti-mold preservatives, using its volatile gas direct contact with microorganisms causing mold, to kill inhibit its growth, prevent wooden gift boxes for the purpose of causing mold. 3, chemical mouldproof packaging technology: refers to use mouldproof anti-corrosion chemical to be packaged goods, packaging materials properly deal with packaging technology. 4, gas mold packaging technology: take gas mold packaging take commonly known as vacuum packaging, is under the condition of seal, by changing the air inside the wooden gift box composition, in order to reduce the concentration of oxygen, causing low oxygen environment to inhibit microorganism causing mold life activities and the respiration intensity of biological products, thus achieve the goal of mildew rot on packaged goods. In wooden gift boxes keep mouldproof measures of its processing stage, not only prolong the service life of the wooden gift box, but also to protect the goods. Keywords: wooden gift box
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