Importance of packaging materials

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Importance of packaging materials
Packaging materials refer to the auxiliary materials used for manufacturing packaging containers and packaging transportation, packaging packaging, packaging printing, and packaging
and the general term for materials related to packaging. The main materials of packaging are plastic, paper and cardboard, metal, glass, and also include
Bamboo and wood and wild rattan, natural fiber and chemical fiber, composite materials, cushioning materials, nano materials, barrier materials,
Electrostatic materials, degradable materials, etc. The auxiliary materials for packaging mainly include glue, printing ink, paint and so on. Various packages
The proportion of packaging materials and their containers is; paper and cardboard 35.6%, plastic 31.1%, quilt 6.6%, metal
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The initial stage of packaging materials can be traced back to the recorded history of mankind, when packaging materials were taken from the sky
Of course. With the production of man-made packaging materials, such as paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, etc., provide better packaging
The variety of raw materials and packaging gradually increased, and they were accepted by the factory. Due to the environmental protection characteristics of paper and paperboard and plastic
Materials have the advantages of light weight, durability, barriers, easy forming, diverse shapes, less resource and energy consumption, etc., which are replaced by
The natural resource packaging materials have been promoted, and the emergence of new packaging machinery has been promoted. It can be said that modern packaging has followed the paper industry and plastics
Developed with the development of the material industry. Composite packaging materials developed from the 1970s to the 1980s, such as
Aluminum-plastic composite materials, paper-plastic composite materials, plastic and plastic composite materials, etc., improve the barrier properties of packaging and printing safety
It is conducive to structural modeling and can replace metal, glass and other packaging materials, making packaging more convenient and lighter. Modern new technology
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Packaging materials are the guarantee for the realization of the three major functions of packaging. Packaging materials play a decisive role in realizing the protective function of packaging
Sexual physical use. For example, the strength and toughness of packaging materials, barrier properties, corrosion resistance, etc. all depend on the packaging materials, high-quality
Packaging materials can effectively reduce damage, improve quality and freshness preservation, and extend shelf life. The convenient function of the packaging is also related to
Packaging materials are closely related. Lightweight and strong packaging materials and containers can naturally make the circulation of goods more convenient.
It is also convenient for consumers to carry. As for the promotion function of the packaging, although it is related to the shape of the container, the design of the packaging and the 5IJ brush.
But the characteristics and appearance of novel and high-grade packaging materials. It also has a promotional effect.
Due to the short service life and large usage of packaging materials, packaging materials have gradually occupied an important
Location. About 50% of the world’s total output of paper and paper rice is used for packaging, and plastic packaging accounts for more than 30% of its total output. Lo
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