In the culture under the guidance of wooden gift boxes, wooden gift box, density board box, tie boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Wooden gift boxes, http://www. 中国- - - - - - hzht。 Com packaging as well as other design categories, can be in culture under the guidance of its growth. Bubble paper can time forming, no chemical additive, can take over after processing. With ink layer thickness, the printing ink to strong, the advantage on substrates to wide range of content in pet gold and silver cardboard, plastic, metal, glass, a variety of base material printing all kinds of special ink. Colour has visual recognition, and can influence people psychology, disseminated in passion, even at the mercy of people, spirit and emotion in a passion. Custom cultural phenomenon first looking for food and clothing live line, easy close to literature and art, between the local technology, such as shandong paper cutting, shaanxi shadow play, clay sculpture and gusu embroidery, shu embroidery and sichuan mianzhu New Year pictures, these are all has the strange phenomenon of spirit culture, the culture and its implied form, can be transported by modern wooden gift box packaging.
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