Incense burner with wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Among the numerous antique collections, Japanese antiques are popular with collectors for their elegant appearance and exquisite workmanship. This 'Japanese sterling silver tracing gold and ancient pine farmhouse incense burner' sold on behalf of Bobaobaozhen mall is silver in color, calm in color, and exudes a natural luster. Its shape is simple and elegant, and the wooden box is well-made. The circular incense burner is painted with beautiful mountain peaks, ancient pine, and house patterns. These patterns exude a strong fresh breath of nature, which makes people love it. The three legs of the incense burner steadily support the furnace body, the furnace cover is exquisite, and a small beast is carved on it. This incense burner is originally packaged in a wooden box, made of sterling silver, painted with gold and color, which is quite artistic, and it is painted with gold and color, which is quite artistic. 'Xiufeng Sterling Silver' is engraved on the bottom side, which is very beautiful. Japanese silverware, Japan Xiufeng, painted gold and colored sterling silver mountain peaks, ancient pine farmhouse incense burner;
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