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Jewelry box with some material is commonly used in?

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-11
Wooden jewelry box: to compare the of primitive simplicity is elegant, suitable for grade is decorous temperament women use, today to tell everybody main wooden jewelry box, generally for redwood jewelry boxes, jewelry box, peach blossom core pine wooden jewelry box, ebony jewelry box, most distinctive jewelry box is Chinese catalpa wood, Chinese catalpa is walnut, because of slow growth, its fine decorative pattern, simple sense is strong, the representative of the national technology outside of the European pine jewelry box for this material. Annatto color is Ning, woodiness is heavier, qualitative hard, generally lumber itself has own sends out a fragrance, as material jewelry box made of ancient sweet patina, extremely rich texture. Hua limu as a various of annatto, use it made of wooden jewelry box is not quiet don't cry, texture is like concealed, vivid and varied. Jewelry box jewelry box is generally divided into cortex and wooden jewelry box, the difference today to share with you: leather jewelry box: the combination of fashionable element and classical flavor, is permeated with a kind of full-bodied modern breath, crocodile lines, plain leather jewelry box, general points are more representative, pine to have fragrance, color yellow, scarring, to jewelry box made of natural color, texture clear, beautiful, pure and bright color, presents the plain texture. In the noisy city, catered to people to return to nature, return to self psychological demands, but because of the pine wood soft, easy to crack, and easy to change color, so in daily use process should pay attention to maintenance. Hard light peach blossom core wood, small dry shrinkage, the wood is usually pale red to brown, and a more long more good luster, its diameter section has different shades of grain, silk satin, very beautiful, grain is exquisite and elegant, with the feeling like silk, wood easy to rotary cutting and plane cutting, good sculpture, painting, viscose, dyeing, order good performance. Ebony heart alburnum distinction clear, sapwood white ( With brown spots or its) To pale red brown heartwood (black Dun black or with jade) And irregular black black heartwood ( Its depth and arranged stripes) 。 Wood surface luster, feel warm, no special smell. Texture black and white, dark. Material is qualitative hard and heavy, delicate, strong corrosion resistance, durability, is a kind of precious furniture and crafts materials. With this kind of material made of wooden jewelry box, steady heavy, both eyes to admire, more lies in his hand, filar silk winding of wood grain is like concealed, implicative and not make public, hand touch is as smooth as silk.
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