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jewelry boxes - a guide to the best jewelry box makers

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
Whether you buy the most basic jewelry box or in the high end market
End the luxury box and it\'s a good idea to know which companies produce the best boxes and be able to identify the brands associated with quality jewelry boxes.
So, let me give you a short guide for a jewelry box manufacturer with different price ranges.
If you are looking for the most affordable jewelry boxes then you will be able to find a wide range of high quality mass jewelry boxesproduced boxes.
Within this price range, the products offered by Mele jewelry box company are a good choice.
They do a good job of combining quality architecture and classic style with attractive prices.
More than 100 styles are available each season, ranging from $25 to $375. Their designs include children\'s ballet box, white wooden girl jewelry box, travel jewelry box, women\'s wooden jewelry box, men\'s valet box and landing jewelry armoires.
Mele\'s wooden box has a variety of finishes, including oak, cherry and walnut.
They also offer faux leather and genuine leather boxes.
If you want to know about the manufacturer, Mele jewelry box was founded in 1912 to get through the Great Depression by building a box that houses the Purple Heart.
They thrive in the late 1940 s when they launched a jewelry box with an automatic tray that rises when you open the lid.
In 1948 Life magazine, it is listed as one of the top ten holiday gifts.
Followed by a children\'s box with a rotating ballet dancer, it became the best-selling item.
Founded in the 1950 s, the company is a household name.
After 50 years, Mele remains a leader in the field.
Royce leather is another affordable brand.
They produce high quality leather jewelry boxes, jewelry travel organizers and watch boxes at reasonable prices.
Their most popular product is a $40 travel wallet.
Watches ranging from $60 to $50100.
These items can be personalized with your initials and are available in various colors.
Leather products of Royce-
Selected Leather and premium stitching.
Royce has been in business for 35 years and is known for its carefully crafted and innovative leather products.
One of the leading manufacturers in the middle series of jewelry boxes is Reid and Barton.
Their jewelry boxes range from $100 to $400.
They are crafted in the style and tradition of the old world, enough to accommodate a complete collection of jewelry.
The two most popular Reed Barton jewelry boxes are the \"rich\" jewelry boxes and the larger \"Athena\" jewelry boxes.
Both are popular gifts for Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, and graduation ceremonies.
The Reed & Barton box, with its traditional design and rich jewelry reserves, has become a perfect gift for the heir jewelry box.
Their latest style is more modern and has been welcomed by those who want to put on the classic jewelry box again.
Reid and Barton are one.
Well-known company for producing high quality tableware and gifts.
They have been doing business since 1824.
In the luxury collection of jewelry boxes, RaGar name is a brand worth looking.
Their boxes are known for their original designs, high-gloss finishes, brass hinges, and luxury linings, ranging in price from $100 to $1450.
Each RaGar jewelry box is packed in a two-piece white gift box.
In the past 15 years, RaGar has become a leading manufacturer of luxury jewelry boxes.
Another box manufacturer of high quality is Jere Wright Global.
Their Konstantin range is hand made with attention to detail.
It takes more than 20 days for each individual jewelry box to complete.
The manufacturer\'s concern and attention to their products is evident in more than 80 unique styles, including exotic wooden jewelry boxes, exquisite leather jewelry travellers, watch boxes and trench coats
When you buy jewelry boxes, look for these premium brands regardless of the price, and you will be sure to find a premium gift or box that suits your collection.
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