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by:Vitalucks      2020-04-19
Jewelry wooden gift box effect on sales: sales of the entire history, is the gift wooden packing box can make the goods in the form of new offers a wider consumer history. Wooden gift box as a sales tool, and: ( 1) The circulation of commodities to the world; ( 2) Ensure goods ( Anywhere) When selling quality; ( 3) The status of the goods sold to consumers; ( 4) Commodity itself; ( 5) Improve the overall attractiveness of goods to consumers; ( 6) To their own goods and apart from the competitor's goods; ( 7) Reduce the goods in the process of production, circulation, storage and retail cost. Jewelry wooden gift box gift advantage & middot; Gift: there is always a suitable for his/her activities; The period of one year, time to choose a more flexible wooden gift box packaging design & middot; Excellent quality and reasonable price: each activity in the box in the market price is higher than that of the wooden gift box; Merchants, service & middot; Flexible: suitable for any time, occasion, the giving of events; Recipient decide when and where to enjoy & middot; People sharing: with close friends and business partners to share unforgettable moments & middot; Fade: after wonderful experience activities, the memory still deeply impressed the giver of carefully selected.
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