02 wooden wine box

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by:Vitalucks      2020-04-19
Jewelry wooden gift box advantage: gift: there is always a suitable for his/her activities; The period of one year, time to choose a more flexible value: the market value of each activity in the box were higher than the price of wooden gift box; Merchants to provide high quality, the service is flexible, suitable for any time, place, the giving of events; Recipient decide when and where to enjoy many people sharing: with close friends, business partners to share unforgettable moments fade: after wonderful experience activities, memory is still deep forget someone is carefully selected. Hangzhou heng tai paper products co. , LTD. Is a joint-stock enterprise is given priority to with color printing and post processing, products mainly engaged in wooden packing box, wooden gift boxes, books, etc. Series of products design and printing production. Since the company was founded, knows the importance of design in the printing, so organized planning design team, thus formed a set design, production, printing, binding one-stop comprehensive modernization of large-scale printing enterprise, greatly enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company. We insist on good faith as a fundamental, customer, take the quality as the life of the business philosophy to provide customers with satisfactory service, let customers save time, effort, worry, provincial gold; With high quality, strict, low price driven design services with you gratified Bridges, wholeheartedly provide you with perfect printing art making high-quality goods. Warmly welcome various business, enterprise to inquire cooperation!
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