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l The concept of green packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The concept of green packaging printing [Beijing packaging box processing plant]
Packaging printing is to meet the packaging requirements for the purpose of packaging and performing the diversity requirements of colors and patterns.
Various printing technology and post-press processing technology. The general term for printing various pictures and texts on packaging materials and packaging containers. by
Packaging printing adopts embossing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, silk printing, etc.
The manuscript, film, printing plate, ink, fountain solution, varnish, printing machine cleaning fluid, etc. in the packaging and printing process are not used as
In addition to the components of the printed product, there is also a part of the waste that has been transformed into gas, liquid, solid waste and polluted.
Infect the environment and harm human health. For this part of waste, it is necessary to reduce various chemicals from the source or in the production process.
The impact of preparations on the environment in order to control its pollution to the environment, that is, efforts should be made to develop green packaging and printing. Development of green packaging printing
Brushing needs to be selected in the packaging and printing materials. Pre-press, printing, post-press processing, as well as the use and receipt of packaging and printing products
In the whole life cycle, we will make green packaging boxes in Beijing, Beijing packaging factory, and Beijing packaging box design and printing production.
The concept of green packet printing was first put forward by bdb Americans in the Bos era. Its main connotation has three aspects: One is material
The material is the least, the waste is the least, resources and energy are saved; the second is that it is easy to recycle and reuse; the third is that it does not pollute the environment.
Green printing can make the entire supply chain system including materials, processing, application and consumption into a virtuous cycle c
Green packaging printing refers to printing and printing during the life cycle of the production, use, and post-disposal of packaging products
The material complies with the '3R1D' (reduce, reuse, recycle, degradable) principle, toxic and harmful ingredients and external emissions
The waste is controlled within the specified range. The EU’s green packaging system '94/62/Ec' directive stipulates that the packaging printed
The concentration accumulation of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl must be lower than loo PPm (100 mg/kg). Organic solvent oil
Ink and varnish contain toxic volatile organic compounds (voc), and the United States is also in the 'Clean Air Amendment' and 'Pollution It is strictly controlled in
Prevention and Control'; Germany requires that the concentration of the discharged organic compound voc is o. 15 mine m:, the recovery rate
99.99%. At present, in the factories that promote the global environmental protection tide, green environmental protection has become an important development trend of packaging and printing.
The use of environmentally friendly inks and other green packaging printing materials and flexo printing and other environmentally friendly printing technology have been
Great attention to Tangshan Packaging Factory, Beijing Fine Packaging Box Processing Factory.
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