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Leather box packaging process

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Product packaging has now become to attract consumers. Leather box packing as a high-end, elegant, seiko, can greatly enhance the added value of products, thus some jewelry, jewelry, beverage and other industries. The shape of the leather box and the structure design and varied. What are so leather box packaging process? Below small make up to introduce. A hot stamping also known as hot stamping, hot stamping process, is a kind of heat the metal plate, foil, embossing on print, the golden words or design process. Hot stamping process design is clear, beautiful, bright color, wear resistance, weather resistance. Can rise to make the finishing point, the role of prominent design theme, especially for trademarks, registered name, the effect is more significant. , OEM process metal stick a card with metal are relatively luxurious decoration marks, the international general can choose the product cannot be metal mould customization, style and diverse colors. Metal strips helps to improve skin box of beautiful and products, to open the market and has certain significance to increase brand awareness, make the product has a unique effect, and bring the value of new opportunities. Three, concave-convex embossing process concave-convex embossing process is also called the relief embossing process, is a kind of special printing surface decoration processing processing technology, it USES the concave and convex mold, under certain pressure and plastic deformation in the surface of the base material, and art was carried out on the box surface processing. Embossed convex graphic and pattern, show the different shades of grain appearance, has obvious FuDiaoGan, enhanced stereo feeling of the leather box and artistic appeal. Four, screen printing process printing process is one of the widely used leather box. Screen printing ink layer thick, covering power, rich in texture. Screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, process simple and low cost, strong adaptability. It not only can the plane printing, can also be curved surface, spherical surface and the concave and convex surface screen printing on substrates. Small make up: the ZRM
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