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【 Leather box 】 The shape of what?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Leather box packaging to a large extent, is based on the PU leather plus car line, pure hand-made, modelling and its elegant decoration to promote products, enhance competitive goods. So many modern commodity, chose this kind of leather boxes for packaging, user can choose according to the shape of the shape of the goods and quality and different leather box shape. Due to the model and structure design of leather box, tend to be composed of packaged goods to determine the shape of the characteristics, so its a lot of styles and types, a rectangle, square, multilateral type, leather box, cylindrical, etc. , but the manufacturing process is basically the same, namely select materials & ndash; — Design size & ndash; — Manufacturing template & ndash; — Glue & ndash; — Sewing & ndash; — The synthesis of box.
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