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【 Lined with wooden box 】 The process is varied

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
Hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. Produces lined with wooden box, is has good shockproof, buffer, finalize the design, moisture-proof, anti-static, fire prevention, flame retardant, environmental protection, water resistance, corrosion resistance, heat preservation, sound insulation, and so on; Is very suitable for: alcohol, products, cosmetics, hardware tools, electronic products, gifts, instruments and other products in the packaging. Especially in the logistics transportation, can reflect its functional purpose. It on production, what is the process characteristics? Let below small make up to explain. 1, EVA is lined with wooden box product sheet thickness selection, try to keep the material as a whole rather than laminated; The internal structure of 2, lined with wooden packing box can completely according to the product of concave and convex shape of any program, the size in conformity with the product size requirements; More than 3, size, thickness automatically adjust the depth of bore hole size according to the procedure automatic production. Do 1 4, notches higher. 5 mm, deep can reach about 120 mm. In a word, the lining of the environmental protection type wooden packing box, whether on the function, or in terms of application, is indispensable to packaging industry a material.
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