Maintenance of wooden wine box just two steps

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-17
Wooden wine boxes, the choose and buy of skills and ordinary maintenance, words, wooden wine box is not easy to choose and buy, less maintenance, that how to choose the real wooden jewelry box, then how to maintenance, small make up to the problem are summarized in the choose and buy some usual wooden wine box tip and maintenance knowledge, and under the small make up to learn together! Spot wooden wine box first, learn to eliminating the 1, craftwork, saying good material to create the high-quality goods, the simplest way is to see the wooden wine box of work. See material pledge to see if jewelry box are made of real wood, even at the same time observe the wood color and texture, see if there is a trace of repair furniture. 2, smell on the plate, wooden jewelry box are rare wood, mostly contains a certain amount of wood. 3, knock on the front panel to hear the sound, the panel is too thin voice is empty, the panel thick voice is solid. 4, feel, touch the box outside and secret places, such as jewelry box bottom, drawer board, etc. , how to look on the bright and clean degree, whether smooth and thick, experience the feeling. How to distinguish true and false real wood material? Small make up recommend can distinguish from an image, the wood grain is a kind of wood texture, different kinds of wood texture, with its characteristics in the wood color, wood grain will be more clear. Second, the maintenance is the key to extend the service life of wooden jewelry box 1, had better choose pure cotton product do dishcloth, used to clear away the dust in the relief grain. After the furniture paint processing, avoid is used a solvent such as alcohol, gasoline wipe the stains. 2, wax polish, with thin, with dry cloth, furniture placement is best to avoid out of direct sunlight, furniture suffer insolation for a long time, can make the paint yellow, faded, metal accessories in the oxidation. 3, indoor must keep certain humidity, shoulds not be too dry, dry weather makes wooden jewelry box surface weather-shack imagination, even later to repair will have certain effect. Is also need to be aware of, that is, wooden jewelry box cannot often insolation, small make up suggest that can use the curtain shade, avoid direct sunlight.
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