make a holiday gift box and \"bow\" for cheap

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-11
Play 2 red circles and 1 green circle.
Spray the glue ring and make the aluminum foil flat.
Tip: When spraying glue, apply the glue to the edge of the material you apply.
Cut off the excess aluminum foil from the connected circle.
Repeat all three laps.
Fold over for your guide.
Half fold.
Connect the folded lines and fold again.
Repeat as shown in the photo until the circle is folded into 8 segments.
Two red circles repeat.
In total 4 segments, you only need to fold the green circle twice.
Cut the petals from the red circle.
I looked at it and let them connect to a inner circle of 1/2.
Be careful not to cut off the petals or leave too few.
Cut the green circle like you did for 2 red circles, except to make only 4 big \"leaves \".
Use your punch machine to punch holes from 2 red and 1 Green Center.
Go through all three holes with one end of the ribbon, the bottom is green and the top is red.
Pass the ribbon through the black beads and then through the holes.
Cut 2 squares from the poster board.
Depending on the wrapping paper you use, a square must be 3/4 \"to 1\" larger than the other \".
Thin wrapping paper may only require a 3/4 difference, but heavy wrapping paper may require 1.
My squares are 6 \"and 6 3/4 \".
Fold the origami boxes, as shown in the figure, for the two posterboard squares and run a dry test run to make sure the boxes are comfortably placed together with each other without the need to put them hard together.
Make clear edges using bone folder/edge Turner (
Or straight side).
Expand your box and apply the spray glue on the side you want to hide.
Gently press the square over the rolled-out wrapping paper, keeping the edges consistent with any pattern the paper may have.
Note: The round punch is only used to prevent the edges from scrolling up.
Cut out the box loosely and turn it over.
Gently smooth any bubbles or creases with your fingers or straight edges.
Cut off the excess wrapping paper from the two squares and refill the two boxes.
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