Make perfect the tea gift box packing chosen paper gift box is the key

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-25
The tea gift box of the wrapping paper of choice is very important, because of the particularity of the tea itself, determines not at liberty to choose tea paper. The tea gift box packed in what kind of paper is better? What kind of paper to a greater extent ensure the characteristics of the tea? Currently on a piece of paper market prosperity, popping up in various types of paper, and their good position in different fields. Small make up according to the ShangYu understanding, to explain the tea gift box packed in what kind of paper is better, different types of paper what is suitable for the occasion. On the market at present the common packing paper white board paper, coated paper, kraft paper, cardboard and recycled paper, aluminum foil paper and filter and so on. Among them, the paper is the most commonly used in high-end gift box, cosmetic box, wine box, and so on, for example, have used tea caddy. In one of the most common of the tea gift box, paper backing is aluminum foil, it has moisture-proof function, it is stored tea needed, in addition, aluminum foil paper also has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, uv, and can be very good to keep itself properties of tea, tea to extend the storage time and in the present many tea gift box, aluminum foil have got the very extensive application. In addition, in some tea bag, tea bag packaging is usually used filter paper, filter paper can not only guarantee the tea flakes will not enter the water, also can ensure the flavor of the tea can penetrate into the water, the basic will use a tea bag filter paper. Recycled paper is one of the most environmentally paper type, and the trend in today's society pays attention to environmental protection, energy conservation is consistent, so the recycled paper will do much in the paper application. White paper is a kind of relatively low cost, has been employed in many packaging nowadays, is currently the most widely used a paper. The tea gift box packed in what kind of paper is better? The key is to keep the original flavor, tea and tea is good performance characteristics at the same time. Choose environmental protection material is also very good, protect our homeland, is our responsibility. ShangYu has brought many tea merchants very good tea gift box design, a good image for the design of the tea. Choose the right tea gift box, select the appropriate paper packaging, tea can be unique advantages of propaganda and sales are welcome to cooperate with us, trust us, won't let you down.
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