Make Your Own Gift Boxes Using Martha Stewart\'s Scoring Board

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-12
The way to make them.I purchased Martha Stewart\'s scoreboard a while ago, but recently I overcame the fear of making the box and tried it and I had to say I liked it so much!It is made specifically for scoring your paper crafts.It even has a handy envelope tool so you can rate and make the envelope yourself.This is definitely one of my favorite hand made tools right now and I can tell you that I will use it for a lot of hand made!I bought it on Amazon for $15, and after using it and seeing how neat and convenient it is, it is well worth buying.
I have a feeling that I will use it in many paper crafts in the next few years!You can make a lot of gift boxes of different sizes, but in this tutorial I decided to make a gift box of 3x2.First, we need to rate at the bottom of the gift box.Put the stock of your bottom card on the scoreboard.
Open the top compartment and take out the scoring tool.You will also see a guide under the lid of the compartment telling you all the different sizes and sizes of the gift box.We are going to make gift boxes 3x2 size so it says we need 2 sheets of paper 7 by 7.
Take the piece that will be at the bottom of your gift box and put it in the upper left corner of the scoreboard.Make sure it\'s well lined up in the corner.Also make sure that any side of the card inventory you want to show outside the box is down.
Now that your card Library is fully stocked, look under the cover of the guide.It says you need 2 and 5 points at the base.Pick up your tool, align with the 2 inch mark, then press down carefully, drag all the way to the end, and then do it again at the 5 \\ \"mark.
Don\'t press too hard, or you will wear the paper.Turn once a quarter and score twice again.Now, you do the same thing with another card that is about to be your cover.
Remember to put your card inventory print aside.Measure the score of the upper lid according to the lid.This means that for all lid measurements you need to move the left side of the paper to align with the arrow.
This is very important as this ensures that the lid is slightly larger so that the lid can be properly placed at the bottom.So once you align the left side with an arrow, align the scoring tool at 2 \\ \"and rate it.Then score again at 5 1/8.Now turn your paper around 1/4 of the turn, align with the arrow, measure and score again in two measurements.
Now take both sheets and fold them inward along all the score lines to prepare for the next step.: Don\'t rate the side of the paper you want to display outside the box.....The print face of the card stock is usually down as this is the side you want to show.
Move the left side of the paper to the arrow before scoring!Now you should rate and fold both of your sheets.Now is the time to place the cut on paper.Look at the picture and see where the paper should be cut.
Be sure to cut the line as neatly and straight as possible.You might even want to use x-A knife and a ruler.After the cut is done, it is time to fold and glue it.
You should have 4 smaller loose flaps.
You fold each one up.
Take a flap, fold it, fold it, and glue it in place.Keep doing this until you stick to all 4 aspects...Then do another one.Now, open the lid and you have a beautiful 3x2 gift box!Make gift box-If you want the lid to cover only a little, not the entire bottom of the box as we just did, just pick up the card stock you want to make the lid, trim off anything you want from each side of the paper.
The height of this box is 2 inch, so 1 to 1 1/2 is ideal.This will cover about half of the box or 1/2 of the top.You can use a border or paper punch to shape the edge of the lid.
This adds a nice touch.
You can draw or draw your own design on the card and use it to make your box.Personal style will make it more special for the recipient.You can also mark the image or pattern with rubber stamp to decorate the stock of cards you use to make the box.
Pack your gift by putting notes, broken paper, grass saver or something like that into your box.Decorate your gift box with ribbons or other decorations such as paper flowers, roses or cute labels.âx96º Pre-Rate and cut a few size gift boxes, grab it when you\'re ready to use a gift box, glue it and assemble it, and it\'s ready!That\'s it now.
.Thank you very much for coming!Don\'t forget to leave a comment...I like to read your review.They inspired me to move on.Happy Crafting!!
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