Manufacturing process of word patterns in wooden box packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
[The production process of the text pattern of the wooden box packaging-Beijing Zhongxin Junye Technology Co., Ltd.] The production process of the text pattern on the surface of the wooden box packaging is very complicated. Here is a brief introduction to everyone; first: the screen printing process . The screen printing process is the simplest printing method in the wooden box packaging. First of all, the screen printed on the screen must be dried. After the printing, the color mixing process is used. Because many customers require different colors for the patterns, they must be adjusted according to the colors required by the customers. After adjusting the color, put the screen plate on the box that needs to be printed, and install the ink to print the pattern. Second: hot stamping. Hot stamping, also known as branding, requires a hot stamping machine before hot stamping. To engrave the pattern on the copper plate, after the engraving, take the copper plate off and screw it on the hot stamping machine, set the abrasive tool, and start heating. Pay attention to the temperature adjustment during the heating process. If the temperature is too high, the hot stamping will become black. The temperature is too low, and the hot stamping effect is not obvious. After adjusting the appropriate temperature, it can be hot stamped on the wooden box.
Third: Laser engraving patterns. Laser engraving is to use the laser head on the laser engraving machine to print out the pattern on the surface of the wooden box. It is simpler and easier to understand than hot stamping, but the production cost is higher.
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