Material selection and introduction of gift packaging wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-20
Wooden box is a common case in circulation field, its usage as corrugated box only. What we call the cases are mainly wood box, box board box, frame box above three. Wooden box because of the thick texture primitive simplicity, is often applied to all kinds of high-grade consumer goods packaging, such as: all kinds of exquisite gift packaging wooden box, wooden wine boxes, wooden gift boxes, wooden leather box, etc. Frame wooden box is made up of a certain section of the wood skeleton of a box body, also can add on the outside of the frame wooden cover according to need. There are two forms of this kind of frame box, no board cover open framework called box, wood box cover are called overlay framework. Framework box with solid skeleton structure, has good seismic and torsion resistance, therefore, have a greater ability to withstand voltage, and its loading capacity is big. To protect the goods from inside collision, packaging wooden box often attached to paper, sponge, foam plastic lining. Because of the materials, exquisite workmanship and accessories, also make the price higher than other forms of packaging wooden box packaging. Due to the partial expensive logs, in order to save cost, density board ( Density fiberboard) Instead, the cost savings at the same time, to get as much as log the quality of the products. All types of wood has a unique grain structure like white and red woods oak, ash, walnut with the surface of the perforated holes form is to provide a unique texture quality like gift packaging wooden box. When this kind of dyeing wood surface, color, often collect relevant & other Open pores & throughout; , it seems, than the whole darkness. Like maples, alder, such as wood, and cherry tone woods. The timber has a smooth texture, can be done evenly. So the wooden box packaging itself usually has strong ornamental and commercial.
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