Mechanical model of packaging

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The outer packing box of some packages is very heavy, and the quality of J4 quality personnel is even far greater than the quality of the packaged product. This kind of packaging example: the rebound caused by the drop impact can be ignored. Only the mechanical model of the heavy package of the outer box is considered to consider the vibration of the product on the elastic cushion in the packaging box, but the quality of the outer packaging box is too long. ignore. For this kind of heavy packaging, packaging box, Beijing packaging box, packaging factory, it can be simplified to the model shown in Figure 3-5. Respectively represent the quality of vulnerable parts, products and outer boxes, AI and G2 respectively represent the elasticity coefficient between the main body of the vulnerable parts and the female 53.6. When the package is hit by a drop, the impact force is large. When the displacement of the instrument production exceeds the maximum allowed by the buffer material, the packaging box is made, the wooden box is made, the wooden box is made deformed, or the design does not leave enough margin for the maximum displacement of the product, so that the product is contained A part or a protruding part on the product bottomed out. In order to distinguish the response of products and vulnerable parts in the bottoming process, the packaging parts in the bottoming state can be simplified to a solid Beijing packaging factory, and the packaging box is made as a model shown in 3-6.
Shock is a very complex physical phenomenon. In order to facilitate the analysis and calculation of the package's response to vibration and shock, it is necessary to simplify the package to a mechanical model. The simplest force of the package: The semi-model is that the quality of the attached system is concentrated to one point. The specific product being packaged is assumed to be a homogeneous rigid body, the quality and elasticity of the outer packaging box are omitted, and the quality and damping of the cushioning material are not counted. , And regard it as a complete wire body (that is, there is no permanent deformation after being impacted, and it still has the same performance as the initial test in repeated tests such as drop impact, and the load-deformation or stress-strain is the linear spring position relationship), In other words, it is simplified into a mass-spring system, which is a single door made of a linear system.

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