Modern packaging industry

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Metal packaging is different from wooden box packaging. Metal packaging has the advantages of beautiful appearance (exquisite, diverse, multi-purpose), shelf life can be extended to two years due to high temperature sterilization (airtightness, opacity), and long-distance transportation; Our world has become a 'global villageHow should we correctly recognize and use modern metal packaging products?
The largest packaging market is still occupied by the United States, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, China and India, as the consumption of beverages continues to rise, will provide beverage packaging manufacturers with greater market growth opportunities. With the improvement of consumers' living standards, the demand for beverage packaging will grow rapidly. In particular, the rapid increase in functional beverages provides more opportunities for metal packaging cans. The rapid growth of food and beverage consumption of Chinese residents will strongly drive the growth of demand for food and beverage packaging, including metal packaging.
In addition, with the advancement of the integration of my country's beer industry, the market concentration of the beer industry has been further improved. The strict requirements of brand beer giants on product food safety, and the centralized production and national distribution production model generally adopted by brand beer companies put forward higher requirements for product packaging safety and ease of distribution. Metal cans have the characteristics of easy transportation and one-time use. With the continuous improvement of beer canning rate, the demand for metal packaging in the beer industry will further increase. According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, from 2001 to 2013, the output of my country's beverage industry and food canned industry achieved double growth. Among them, the total output of China's beverage industry has increased from 14,098,300 tons in 2000 to 149,268,200 tons in 2013, with an average annual compound growth rate of 19.39%; the output of the canned food industry in 2012 was about 10.430,100 tons, and that of 2001-2012 The compound annual growth rate reached 12.33%.
During the period, the superior enterprises of wooden box manufacturers rely on their leading technical level, advanced management experience and strong financial strength to continue to grow bigger and stronger, promote orderly competition in the industry, and promote the survival of the fittest in the industry, thereby improving the overall competition of the industry strength. Faced with a large number of small and medium packaging companies, repeated construction, and overcapacity of low-end products, my country's metal packaging industry is accelerating industry adjustments, and the trend of industry integration is becoming increasingly clear.
Wooden box processed products have good airtightness and long service life. In the natural oxidation process, they may lose their original protection and safety. A better choice is to use a glass box with good airtightness and place it in In the freezer of the refrigerator, enjoy the opened canned food as soon as possible.
Plastic brings speed, paper brings lightness, and metal packaging, with its unique weight, brings users a sense of security inside the packaging and security outside the packaging. The metal packaging industry can produce modern products that are convenient, beautiful, and affordable, so that consumers can use them with peace of mind and joy. However, since it is easy to oxidize after opening the can, a better choice is to put the opened food in a well-sealed glass box, and then place it in the freezer of the refrigerator, and then enjoy the opened canned food as soon as possible. Enjoy modern life.
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