【 Moon cake box custom 】 Need to pay attention to what details?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
In the Mid-Autumn festival is coming, each big enterprise preparations for the festival employee welfare and customer feedback and an important time for the promotional gifts. Moon cake is one of the enterprises to choose gifts will choose, because of something, in order to improve product value time, so many enterprises choose custom cakes wooden packing box, then choose the moon cake box of custom need to pay attention to what details? Heng tai packaging use elegant tonal collocation and delicate appearance modelling design, the introduction of the new moon cake box custom idea, integrate the moon cake packaging and beauty. General custom for moon cake box, the user needs to consider that the custom of moon cake boxes of moon cakes, size, shape, if appropriate. Transportation will squeeze. First, the moon cake box custom used material, whether it is a green material, whether health, these are the users before custom moon cake box, check the good information needs and manufacturer. Is factory in the design and production of moon cake box, the need to pay attention to details.
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