Moon cake wooden packaging materials of choice and packaging forms

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-28
At the end of the Mid-Autumn festival every year, some moon cake manufacturers have begun to do planning for the midautumn festival moon cake listed, and the moon cake wooden box packaging manufacturer is also actively prepare, according to the demand of the market, and design different moon cake wooden packing box. Below small make up is focused on the interpretation of the moon cake wooden packing box to make selection of materials and packaging forms. ( 1) Moon cake wooden packing box making main material: the Netherlands board, grey board, density board, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc. Moon cake wooden box packaging is an important part of the product, it not only in the transport process protection, and is directly related to the appearance of product image. ( 2) Moon cake wooden packing box commonly used packaging materials and packaging forms: 1, the white paper class - - - - - - - Normal paper, copy paper, crepe paper; 2, bubble paper/poly/sponge/pearl cotton; 3, carton - - - - - - - White box, brown box, color box. ( 3) Moon cake wooden packing box method: adopt the method of folding forming, packaging carton for board thickness is 2 mm, not easy to fold shape; To the bottom and side some part adopts adhesive bonding; Manual installation window box plastic handle. To sum up, the contents of the above are detailed introduced, moon cake wooden packing box of some of the material selection and production process flow, interested friends, can contact small make up well.
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