water hyacinth grass basket

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new product ideas 2020 decorative eco-friendly natural water hyacinth woven storage basket 12.6x9x7.88"

new product ideas 2020 decorative eco-friendly natural water hyacinth woven storage basket 12.6x9x7.88"
water hyacinth grass basket
water hyacinth grass + metal frame
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product description

Small - 9x7x6"        Medium - 11x9x7"      Large - 12.6x9x7.88"     2.6 pounds

vitalucks baskets are more than just a storage space, they add style and a touch of the outdoors to your home. Beautiful woven bins fit in with any décor style while offering a functional storage space. Mixing up the bin sizes is a great way to include texture in your living space, place on shelves, side tables, or coffee tables; the options are endless. vitalucks baskets are available in multiple sizes that will add a touch of farmhouse to your space.

HAND-WOVEN - These baskets are hand-woven for that unique charm, so actual sizes may vary slightly.


SUFFICIENT STORAGE WITH STRONG CONSTRUCTION- Vitalucks storage baskets have a strong woven design with carrying handles for easy carrying.


CUTE AND STYLISH FOR ANY ENVIRONMENT-The refreshing design and subtle texture of these baskets makes them great decor pieces for your home.


ORGANIZATIONAL SOLUTION FOR THE HOME-These decorative storage baskets are a great addition to any home and are suitable for storing a wide range of household items.

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Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co., Ltd.

Our company integrated manufacturing and trading, foreign trade department which name is Qingdao Vitalucks, factory is located in beautiful and affluent Cao Country, Heze City, Shandong Province, which are well-known “land of peony ”. Abundant forestry
resources and labor, here is the very important production base of handmade box/bag/basket. Factory covers an area of more than 30 acres, workshop area of 10,000 square meters. There are 100 worker who include 95 production staffs, 3technical staffs and 2 manage staffs.


Main products comprise wooden box(packing box, gift box, photo frame), wooden craft, bag, Storage box/basket (material have Paper, PP, PE, cotton, jute, linen,Non-Woven, Polyester Fabric, Canvas, Polyester fabric), Laundry basket /box, etc. Our products
are exported to all over the world, especially to USA ,Europe,German, UK, Denmark, Australia, etc.


We look forward to establish friendly cooperation relationship with clients all over the world !

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Qingdao Vitalucks Trade Co., Ltd.

Our company is located in areas with convenient transportation and developed economy. Our products are supplied in a timely manner. In the course of business operation, we always focus on customers.

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