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Not to be missed wooden packing box color palette knowledge

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Wooden packaging printing ink printer before construction to understand the ink of various specifications and performance; Make the ink is suitable for production needs. In addition to this, also note the shandong wooden box factory mentioned in the following related matters: 1, wooden packing box and the ink should be less as far as possible to add different color printing ink, the less the color type, mixing the better the results. 2, use & other; Unit 1 & throughout; Principle, regardless of the preparation of light and bright color ink, when hue close to sample, to be cautious. Different manufacturer production of printing ink, good don't mix calls, try to use the same manufacturer to different colors of ink for toning, otherwise it will produce tonal uneven phenomenon, serious when they appeared together and make the printing ink scrapping. 3, some wooden packaging printing ink is dry by drying, light color more shallow than dry after drying, drying dark after dark. In addition, the ink color when printing dry before and after drying has difference, it is easy to ignore. In general, through the natural drying ( Solvent evaporation type ink) Substrates is plastic, metal, paper, glass, such as wooden packing box, color won't change; But if the ceramic pigment, due to the color only after calcination oxidation, only by experience to color. For by thermosetting, screen printing ink, light solid to dry color there is variation in depth, already mentioned above. Large amount of ink, you can use the ink mixing machine, it can be finished in a short time toning. 4, light color ink mixing in general is given priority to with white ink, the adjustment in the appropriate color ink. Such as light blue, give priority to with white ink, a little blue, Cyan) ; Pink, give priority to with white ink, slightly red; Gray, give priority to with white ink, a little black; Silver, give priority to with white ink, a little silver batter, add trace of black ink. Make light color printing ink ( Printed material) , to be as little as possible and white ink, because white ink is big, easy to make other color color change occur. Keywords: wooden box
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