Of the value of the wooden gift boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-13
Wooden gift boxes in some industries has been widely applied, and achieved significant results, packaging industry has a unique value on the application of value engineering, but what about its value everybody is unclear, come with wooden gift box manufacturers understand: 1, wooden gift box to collect the information and relevant data. Make full use of information sources, including two aspects of technology and economic information collection, and for the collection, sorting, identification, selection, form a detailed report. 2, wooden gift box value analysis is realized. Of wooden gift box necessary to identify and define the function and excess function, through the method of qualitative analysis function and the cost of matching, to improve the functional structure, the purpose of lowering the cost of wooden gift box. 3, put forward the improvement plan. Need to set up the idea of 'suspicion' and 'down', that is not the restriction of the original scheme, old ideas, and should doubt the original wooden gift box is not reasonable, not economic, no original scheme, and puts forward some new ideas and solutions. The improvement project of a number of alternatives, respectively for technical evaluation, economic evaluation and social evaluation, and predict and survey scheme improved the reflect of the market. 4, implementation of plan and inspection. Organize relevant departments to formulate plan implementation schedule, and in the process of implementation of control and coordination, tracking, supervision, timely check result, summarize and improve constantly.
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