office chair bike

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-09
A bedroom bike with a very comfortable seat.
It is a 35-pound leather administrative office chair connected to 16 (little girl\'s)
Princess bike
Welded into horizontal bedroom (recliner bike)
Use another donated bike frame.
I built it in honor of \"Bike to Work Day.
If you like fun/unusual home bikes. . .
Check out my hobby website Woodenbikes.
ComMake the cardboard cut of your calf (
Feet and pedals)
Thighs, torso and straight arms (
2 \"distance from the wrist).
Use it to find good riding position and clearance for knee to bar, heel to wheel etc.
Use the CAD system to lay out the riding position, crank, wheel, etc, and pay attention to positioning the hand, shoulder, seat back angle, Butt, knee and foot.
Also find a way to arrange a straight chain (
At least for tight edges)
By raising the bottom bracket (BB)(
Main crank bearing).
Detailed instructions on designing sweet handle horizontal accessBikesmihdesign.
Hole saw (comUse)
Cylindrical bit)
Cutting and mittering the front and lower tubes of donated bicycles at the same time, becoming the prosperous tube of donated bicycle BB.
Observe the angle carefully, but always wear an eye protection device during the eye test.
Assemble the joint and check whether the angle, center is correct (
Meditation can help here)and plumbness (
Connect with eyeballs).
When it looks straight, it is clamped or strung together and welded by nails.
In order to avoid the nylon strap melting too much, the adhesive weld is very small.
I used the MIG welder for 110 V.
It\'s a red box.
The Weld in this photo has been completed.
* MIG = metal, inert gas welding.
However, I use a cheaper core wire feed instead of a gas sheath.
It can help me to keep the welding quality lower so I don\'t bother that much.
Looks like more business.
Like after painting on the theme of \"little princess.
I added internal steel pipe reinforcement to strengthen the seat pillar as I was heavier than most Little Princess and the office chair made me put a lot of leverage (bending moment)
In the seat.
I removed my seat sticker on the office chair and inserted the buckle pillar of the bicycle into the seat of the chair.
I welded the crack back.
After assembling enough chains in the required length, hold a jockey wheel from the derailer to the frame, place the chain on jokey and see where you can put the jockey, to make up for the slack and lift the chain up the front wheel.
Mark the point and drill holes for the hardened bolt, which will act as the axel of the wheel of the jockey.
Assemble and lubricate the riding wheel and bolts through the hole of the frame arm.
The use of a large washing machine or n orange juice can be covered to guide the chain and prevent the chain from falling off the riding wheel.
I added a note on making long chains using the chain tool: the chair must be relocated to a lower, further position so that my toes can reach the ground.
Plywood has holes for mounting on the back platform of the chair and chair.
The old brake cable wire at the front holds the front of the chair down to prevent it from spinning around the seat post because there are a lot of twisted lever chairs on the wide ass.
This is its maiden voyage.
I still need to lower the seats further so that my feet can reach the ground safely, as the long seat trays of the chair extend forward under the rider\'s knee and lift them up.
The small tail sticking out behind is a side view of the 3 feet length 1x10 board between the chair mounting bracket on the chair and the seat pillar.
It allows the chair to be offset about 5 inch forward from the post, leaving a rear shelf for storage. Woodenbikes.
Com disclaimer: none of my 15 home bikes (to date)
Made of 100% wood.
Wood is not my religion.
Wood is the convener and entertainment building material for certain parts of my bike.
Your Apple computer may not be 100% apples either.
Open it if you don\'t believe me.
My new hobby is \"sustainable shopping \".
Dip in the bin (
Diving is not allowed and may hurt yourself)
Is the way to go
Sometimes, when I was in the \"control of suburban traps\", I felt like a \"fool Johnson \"--line\".
There I found the 35-pound leather executive chair with Princess bikes, donated bikes, paint and extra bike chains connected to get anywhere.
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