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by:Vitalucks      2020-06-07
Your desk said a lot about you.
From color to size to material, your workspace can be an extension of your own and your personal taste.
For those lucky people who don\'t work in a cubicle and can actually pick office furniture, Globe stops at a Staples store and plays a fake executive on some tables.
In the morning at Staples, we reduced the table to four categories: big and scary, small and comfortable, stylish and glass.
Then we picked one that we liked.
Our favorite overall desk is suitable for stylish categories.
The Manhattan ($159.
$99, $69.
Husky is 99, $99.
99 file cabinets)
Have all the charm of old rolls
Desktop without volume-top.
Strong lines and decorative handles.
It is espresso, not dark, but dark brown.
Desk at Mercury corner ($139. 99)
Great for apartment or small family office.
It\'s hidden in the corner, but there\'s plenty of room for everything you have.
Its best features may be convenient four
Install the USB hub in front and connect all the cables to the socket.
The best \"big\" table overall is the South Gate L-Desk ($399.
98 tables, $189. 99 for hutch)
, It will be solid building with L-shaped desk.
Hu is a great addition below $200.
It has two glass cabinet doors with plenty of storage and a great valet drawer in the middle to charge the device
Smart phones, etc.
If your thing is glass, consider the Horizon desk.
You can buy two tables for $169.
$99, $39 each.
99 corner blocks, turn it into a bigger L-
A shaped desk that gives you a lot of work space.
And $99.
99 matching file cabinets.
Charlie Peluso, master furniture at Needham furniture, recommends glass tables, which he says are well made and not easy to break
Even if you fall from time to time.
\"You just need a lot of Windex,\" Peluso said . \".
\"They are also easy to build.
\"Build time is something to consider.
All tables need to be assembled.
The three wooden ones we tested were also made of wooden boards and planks.
Generally higher prices are not solid wood. John M.
You can reach Guilfoil at jguilfoil @ globe. com.
$99, $69.
Husky is 99, $99.
Filing cabinet professional 99: The desk is well made and very fashionable.
Cons: a little small.
The extra money is not worth the filing cabinet.
The last sentence: This is a decorative piece.
Looks good in one room but it is still functional.
$139 desk at Mercury corner.
99 professionals: it\'s cheap and powerfulin USB hub.
Cons: a spare corner is needed for this table.
Last sentence: This is the table for you if you have a corner and a computer. SOUTHGATE L-DESK $399.
98 tables, $189.
This is huge for hutch professionals.
You will really sell the \"administrative\" section with this table.
It\'s done very well, and Hatcher is really done.
Disadvantages: it is very big.
This is expensive for a table that is still just a particle board with laminate material.
Last sentence: This is the best \"big\" table in the store.
$169 horizon desk.
$99, $39 each.
Turn it into angle 99 L. shaped desk.
And $99.
99 matching file cabinets.
Pros: This glass table is stylish and great for creative spaces like art studios or graphic designer labs.
Cons: It becomes expensive when you add parts.
Some people may worry about broken glass.
Last sentence: We really like this table, especially in L-shaped form.
Very modern. modern.
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