optimized wooden bedroom for 2 children

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-08
This Instructure is more of a presentation of my project than a precise tutorial.
I don\'t think it makes sense to write a very detailed tutorial because this kind of project is very specific to my needs.
However, I am sure you will be very interested in understanding the woodworking techniques used and get inspiration for your next room arrangement or furniture project.
Here are my specs and limitations for this project: => Hooooo, it looks like a very daunting challenge!
Note: This project participates in the woodworking competition.
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Before Really starting this project, I had some brainstorming and drafting on different possibilities.
I have terrible drawing skills but it helps to clarify my thoughts.
I started designing different solutions with CAD software.
I use Sketchup because it\'s a free software and is very easy to handle for people who are not very familiar with CAD.
A good overview of the end result without investing is a great help.
Yes, it did take me a lot of hours to design the solution on Sketchup and could be a waste of time.
But I think avoiding some mistakes in the building will help save money later.
Once I chose the best design for me, I improved it with the exact size and kept it updated throughout the building.
Tip: I also used Pinterest, a great inspiration tool for various interior design projects. .
The next step is to spend some time in DIY stores and hardware stores as well as in interior design stores.
This helps to understand the idea of which material to use and to think about the final design.
To understand the total cost of the project, I also studied the price of the material.
At this step, I realize that the material is very expensive for projects of this size.
Note on power tools: today, when we buy new tools, we think directly of power tools.
Of course, they are more painful to use than manual tools.
However, think twice before buying :-
Hand tools are much cheaper than electric tools
The manual tools are small and therefore require less volume storage-
The manual tool is more muted.
So if, like me, you live in an apartment and it\'s easier to build your project on a weekday night without disturbing you (too much)your neighbors.
I started the project first by building the main part: central support.
I\'m from 3 seconds-
Ikea Billy hand bookcase.
It was a good base and it saved me time and money.
Two of them are 80 cm in width and one is 60 cm in width.
I cut the bookcase into two similar sections 100 cm high.
I then put the parts together and added some hardware to get the heavy furniture.
To stabilize the global high (
Not perfect because of manual cutting)
, I added a piece of polystyrene foam to the top (20mm thickness)
With medium fiber board (3mm tickness).
To improve the look, I also covered the sides of the furniture with a medium fiber board (3mm thickness)
And added wood mold elements.
I built a door for each shelf, except for one, and I decided to build a double bottom secret drawer for it.
It looks like a standard shelf, but you can pull it out and find a drawer in the back.
It helps to get better visuals with furniture that doesn\'t look too bulky.
The door uses wooden pallets.
I removed the board.
Then I glued the board to the wood.
To dry the glue, I caught it in the evening.
I really like the natural atmosphere of the tray and it is a free material when you find it on the street.
Benefits of budget!
However, in order to get a soft touch without any debris, I spent a lot of time polishing it.
Then I assembled some plastic storage boxes from Ikea.
I also put the box on the door.
As a result, I got low cost and lightweight drawers.
The Ikea box exactly matches the size of the furniture (
It\'s not surprising because it\'s made of Ikea bookcases).
Finally, I added a handle that looks funny.
Note on wooden pallets: Only choose pallets with good appearance, good wood quality and no stains.
When you are looking for pallets on the street, also pay attention to the weather the day before/week.
It avoids picking up wet wood, which can bring humidity, mushrooms and bugs to your home.
Last but not least, choose only the tray with the \"HT\" logo.
It means that the wood has been heat treated.
Other types of pallets are treated with other chemical processes, which you do not want for indoor air quality.
I started buying a very cheap second Bed --
Standard bed with 90x190 cm.
I bought a solid wood frame for 30 euros (with hardware)
Quality bed frame with slats.
I cut the frame and bed base into a children\'s bed of 70x160 cm.
Then some pine boards were bought to increase the height of the barrier for safety.
I use the hand plane to bend the edge before polishing the edge.
Finally, to support this bed, I built the legs with 57x57mm boards.
I integrated the hardware of the original bed on the new leg.
In the photo, you can distinguish between the original frame part and the new part with the difference of wood grain.
Finally, I polished all the parts and then painted the color washing machine and varnish.
About getting out of bed: for the first time, getting out of bed is for the baby.
So I decided to keep the crib I already had.
I defined the height of the central furniture in order to be able to insert this bed into this dedicated place.
Also, I would like to reserve the possibility to easily replace this bed with a standard children\'s bed of 70x160 cm in the future.
So I also keep this in mind when defining the furniture size.
Again, for this furniture, I want to keep the assembly method as simple as possible.
The frame is made of standard wood pine shelf and assembled with a pin of 8/10mm.
When purchasing the material, the shop realized the cutting directly.
It saves pain and time without the extra cost, but Sketchup can help you only by making a precise plan before you.
I used some hardware to stabilize the furniture and stick it on the wall.
I wanted to reduce the cost again so I didn\'t make any background for this furniture.
I still use pallet wood for doors.
I removed the board.
Then I glued the board to the wood.
I used a big clip (
Specifically for this occasion.
Keep the board tight for at least 12 hours.
This approach provides very powerful assembly.
However, since the door is quite large and the edge of the plate on the tray is not completely straight, I also added two plates on the back to consolidate the door.
After that, I grinded the door.
This step took me quite a bit of time and effort to get very soft results without splitting.
Finally, two layers of varnish were added.
The door is connected to the wardrobe with four solid hinges.
They include a speed brake that can be closed slowly without any bang sound.
For internal storage, I installed a suspension track with an actuator to pull it down.
I installed two fabric closets on this railway.
Even with the lower bed in front of the closet, it has easy access to all the storage space.
The furniture is the simplest part of the project.
I made it with a standard pine shelf.
It is very simple to assemble with 8mm pins.
Then I drew it and added some hardware to the wall.
The door is made of wooden pallets.
Cut and assemble with wood glue and then polish with sandpaper.
I also added a push/pull to open the system to avoid using the handle (
This can be dangerous because it\'s right above the bed).
For the stairs, I found the idea on a popular pool bag: use Ikea express furniture as a staircase.
It is strong enough (
Made of solid wood, not made of cardboard)
Support a child, or even an adult who is seriously promoted.
In addition, the furniture includes many boxes that are easy to storeto-
Children use.
Because the furniture is expensive (100€)
I have a second-
Half the price. Good deal !
Then I made a manual.
A railway with wooden strips. The hand-
The furniture is fitted with a rail bracket with lag screws.
In this way I got a very strong hand
A safe railway.
I then used the same technique to build railings between the end of the bed and the stairs.
Lag screw again helped to get a powerful assembly.
It is very important for this step, because the railing must support the important load without breaking).
Finally, I polished all the parts and used a uniform color washing machine.
Then I applied a layer of 3/4 varnish (
These parts should resist an important traffic).
Once my project is almost complete, I realize it is not appropriate to put all my children\'s books on furniture.
This place is very convenient for her.
So I decided to make the last piece of furniture.
I made the last one almost for free because I designed it to be built with scrap.
The building steps are very basic: cut the board to the right size, drill 8mm stake and glue, sand, and finish with varnish.
This is the last and most enjoyable part of the project.
I drew the last wood element and added some carpets, mats and a variety of gadgets.
I contrast the color-rich elements with natural wood tones.
Summary, conclusion: I am proud of the final result as this project is my first serious carpentry project.
From the point of view of design and volume optimization, the results are very satisfactory.
I spent a lot of time implementing it as a beginner, but I really enjoyed doing it and I learned a lot.
The most important thing is that my daughter likes it! ! !
Thank you for reading it to me.
I hope my project will inspire you.
I would like to thank you for your vote to support me in the woodworking contest if you like!
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