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Packaging design of visual sense of touch

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-11
The general environment when consumers recognize and commodity, package according to pretend to impression often become their tensions. Packaging has the vision to convey efficacy, can guide consumers to identify the goods, procurement of goods, so as to realize packaging for our lunch, as long as the application package visual convey efficacy is very good to plan our packaging itself, brilliant packaging better with our mouth. Packaging is the feeling of visual sense of touch by packing material, texture and texture of the material situation caused, its differences to convey to the news of our differences and decisive. A, the happening of the visual sense of touch any of the materials in the world are differences of material composition, general situation of the material differences will diverge tactile feeling, simple sense. Simple sense is generally can be divided into two kinds: visual and tactile. Visual is our visual sense of touch. Visual sense of touch and true touch anyone who is both confrontation and the same, give a person a kind of visual sense of touch is true touch response of the resume, it's image, under the premise, visual sense of touch became a markup, this kind of tag is previous CV to through the process, then pass by compiling and transformation, become a kind of visual information, and then in later tactile decisive guiding influence. Second, the packaging of the visual sense of touch situation situation in the first visual sense of touch is texture of the material caused by the packing material, it can be so feel soft, strong, creamy, coarse, and so on, through the process of packaging material profile material texture visual sense of touch feeling, create and consume the affinity between the feeling and seduction, it adopted in today many plans have been throughout; The second is further made on a base of the first, it is not only just consider to the selection of packaging materials, and will be packed by the product of material texture, mimic plan on the outer packing of products, make consumers in the cognition of packaged goods in a timely manner and identify, such recognition is implemented through the process of packaging visual sense of touch. Three, complete visual sense of touch import packaging plan: ( 1) In commodity packaging plan, the application of material and skin texture to packaging material, like the tea packing, the direct application of wood or pottery to plan the tea packaging. This kind of way is today widely used way, and than traditional way. ( 2) Adopted to simulate way, with the rest of the money to packaging material, such as paper, plastic, glass, modelled on the product features or a necessary material skin texture to the visual sense of touch and real tactile results, through the process so much of the plan to create useful visual convey for consumer goods news. ( 3) Through the process of three-dimensional printing skills to follow a certain texture visual result, as can import the visual sense of touch in packaging plan view. Consumers can through the process of packaging in the distance vision to convey, get to the root of the commodity cognitive sense, thus determined this merchandise procurement needs. General situation of the carton packaging, for example, a box of candy is printed fabric texture as a result, it conveyed by the visual sense of touch the result is better than the gentle and warm, arrived at the packing and the expected results. Differences behind it and two kinds of means, it only has the visual sense of touch, and behind the two not only have a visual sense of touch, also have a real sense of touch. Packaging visual convey efficacy in the packaging of the tension of influence, convey the request in the form to do deeper research. Understand the visual sense of touch to the decisive people at the same time an object tools have extensive and tension, is the founder and content between the subjective understanding of the way. Its broad including consumer understanding of commodity packaging process, therefore, can be in the packaging visual convey sex, the visual sense of touch point is introduced in supply guiding significance for packing plan. Small make up: SQS
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