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Packaging method of the box

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Currently. The packaging methods of the box include manual boxing and semi-automatic mechanical boxing.
(1) Manual cartoning method This is the simplest method of cartoning, which does not require equipment investment and maintenance costs.

But the speed is slow, the productivity is low, and product packaging that requires high food hygiene conditions is likely to cause microbial contamination.
Dyeing, so it is generally not used under modern scale production conditions.

(2) Semi-automatic cartoning method, in which the operator cooperates with the cartoning machine to complete the cartoning and packaging.
Boxing, printing, opening, back cover, sealing and other internal machines are used to complete the machine, which is used for-1: Put the product into the box. half
The structure of the automatic loading machine is relatively simple, and the type and size of the food promotion can be changed. Adjust the machine after changing the variety.
The device requires a short time, which is very suitable for packaging boxes of multiple varieties and small batches. The production speed is generally 30-50 boxes.
Some semi-automatic cartoning machines can be used for group packaging. Such as small bags of tea, coffee, field materials and condiments, etc. 10-20
The combination of the bag, the idle speed of the bag is matched with the bag making and filling machine, the operation mode of the machine is intermittent rotation, and the white movement will be small.
Put the clothing products into the box and count. Automatically index after filling, put it in the empty box, and remove the satisfactory and capped
The process is completed by people]: the general production speed is 50-70 Mtn (one small bag each time) or 100-140 bags
/min (2 sachets each time), compatible with sachet making and filling machine.
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