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Packaging paper requirements

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Executive summary; this chapter discusses the composition of packaging paper, non-coated paper for packaging and the manufacture of coated paper, paper and paper
Specifications, types and characteristics of board packaging materials are elaborated on fLf. This chapter brings together as many paper and cardboard packages as possible
The latest research results of packaging materials, and introduced their applications in the packaging field, and also introduced the paper packaging materials
Development trend, the basic situation of the latest food packaging paper developed by countries around the world, etc. Keyboard packaging box printing*
Basic requirements: understand the specifications, characteristics and types of packaging paper and cardboard, as well as the development of paper and cardboard packaging materials
Trends, the basic status of the latest development of packaging paper in various countries in the world, etc., grasp the main composition of packaging paper, paper and cardboard
Manufacturing process, the basic composition of the white paper coated and processed, and the basic composition of the pre-processed paper coating, as well as various types of packaging paper and cardboard
Application areas: Toy packaging box printing, jewelry packaging box printing, keyboard packaging box printing.
Packaging made of paper and cardboard. Collectively referred to as paper packaging. Paper and cardboard are used as traditional packaging materials.
The exhibition is still the most important packaging material for modern packaging. Paper packaging material is one of the earliest packaging materials used, and
The most widely used and most used packaging material in the packaging industry of all countries in the world today. The consumption of packaging materials and containers all over the world
Among the fees, the consumption of paper and cardboard has an advantage in both quantity and amount. The output value of paper packaging accounts for about the entire packaging material
About 45% of the output value, it is widely used in the sales packaging and transportation packaging of commodities.
For good protection, it is a very promising material in rigid packaging materials, toy packaging box printing, jewelry packaging box printing,.

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