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Packaging structure and convenience of wooden box

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
The most important function of wooden box packaging is protection. From the aspect of packaging structure design, its load capacity must be considered.
Pressure, vibration, and drop performance; various pressure performance, to achieve the purpose of protecting the product.
The wooden box packaging structure is convenient, and the actual needs of consumers should be considered when designing. It is easy to carry, and the second is to use the product
Easy to open during the product. Such as in the product packaging. The wooden box packaging is designed into a compact shape. It is easy to grasp, so that it is convenient to promote
Use. The combination form of the wooden box packaging structure is when a packaging box contains a group of products. In order to prevent the product and the product
The flushing. Usually ^ to protect the furnace with an intermediate tray.
The wooden box manufacturer must consider the production process when the wooden box structure and technology are reasonable in mass production.
The rationality. No matter how beautiful the packaging is, if the structure is too complex to be suitable for batch production, it is still not a good packaging. for
In order to be able to meet the needs of production, we should use it as much as possible when designing the packaging structure-using simple methods to make large quantities of packaging.

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The economics of the structure made of wooden boxes, the commodity society cannot ignore the cost budget, it is necessary to reduce the cost and increase the competitiveness. on
The economy must be handled well. For example, the medicine bag still in use in the hospital, by folding the medicine bag door at 45' corners in half,
Fold inward to cleverly pack the medicine. The reason why this packaging method has always been vital is that it uses the least amount of paper
To carry out the most functional packaging.
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