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Paper wooden packing box of recycling is very important

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-26
Our wooden packaging designer on the analysis of the packaging materials, the first to analyze whether its properties with packaging use reasonable configuration; Also analyze the whole product material composition of the disassembling, and fully consider the use of materials, the reduction, reuse, recycling and biodegradable material as the goal of sustainable environmental protection packing and means. Some countries in Europe and the us has abandoned the record again design become a fruit bowl in the shape of a container; Recycled wood corrugated cardboard box, the careful design into different function of seats in the life. Paper-based materials is one of the world recognized green materials and paper packaging of plasticity is very strong, the creative space design modelling is very large. As its design principle of reasonable use, can realize the function of packaging design flow, and through to the development and utilization of materials, implementation cycle of packaging design, production and use. Sustainability of the development of packaging design is the first consideration of how to realize the natural resources as its material, so as to make full use of material resources keywords: wooden box
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