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Perfume of wooden box packaging design needs to understand the different national requirements

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-26
Perfume of wooden box packaging design should also be aware of the likes and dislikes of the residents of different design, don't be in the perfume of wooden box packaging design pattern using their taboos. If the Japanese regard lotus is unlucky, chrysanthemum is a funeral supplies, foxes, badgers represents cunning and greed, the tathagata as the modelling of bottle or jar considered disrespectful. Britain put cock as a dirty, white lily used in funeral, see elephants as worthless things and disgusting things, avoid is used a human body as a perfume of wooden box packaging goods; France considers walnuts as ominous thing in the world, chrysanthemum for funeral supplies; Italy banned use nun design on product design; Islamic country for pig graphics and text is absolutely disabled, cross as a pagan symbol, and disabled woman body in advertisements and perfume of wooden box packaging design. Therefore, domestic enterprises in the design used in international trade export wooden box packaging when perfume, must have a good understanding of the customs and habits of relevant countries and regions, in order to avoid causing loss of trade.
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