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Personalized wooden box design need to be aware of

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-24
Innovation is strong promote social progress and enterprise development key, in the packaging printing industry, as told the development of the economy in our country, the consumer is constantly picky on commodity packaging, wooden packaging design can only be constantly innovation, innovation is the core of the development of the wooden packing box, hangzhou heng tai packaging products co. , LTD. ( ( http://www。 中国- - - - - - hzht。 com) To introduce personalized wooden box design need to be aware of. 1. Personalized wood packaging design should first emphasize market research to make wooden packaging design individuation, must first master the consumer psychology, strive for consistent and the personality of consumer psychology, packaging and product on the emotional appeal of coordination, make consumers to some imagery to go up and meet the characteristics of goods. To careful consideration to every detail, reflects a kind of brand personality, a kind of attitude, even if it is a kind of faith. 2. Personalized wooden packaging design must strengthen the visual impact of personalized personalized wood packaging design to clever use color create visual impact. From psychologists, according to the results of a survey analysis of brand memory, 83% 1% with the help of a visual with the help of a hearing, 3% rely on the sense of touch. Color in wooden packaging design has a special important position. Because different color can cause people to different visual reflection, that cause different psychological activity. 3. Personalized wooden packing box design also should have environmental protection consciousness in the 21st century is & other; Green & throughout; Of the century, the environmental protection consciousness for those who have deep heart. Create favorable environment protection and human health wooden packaging design is a common goal of today's consumers and designers. So wooden packaging designers in the pursuit of the interests of the design concept and marketing should be guided by social groups interests at the same time, give full consideration to the social cost and social responsibility, more want to consider the pros and cons of environmental protection special worthy of reflection is now a lot of goods have excessive packaging. Excessive packing refers to the function and value of excess product packaging. Excessive packaging not only increase the burden of consumers, packaging waste precious resources, aggravate the deterioration of the ecological environment, increase the degree of the outcast processing burden. All in all, wooden packing box design innovation should be a clear message, performance outstanding quality, unique and appropriate market positioning and stimulate the senses, and contain rich design culture. Innovative wood packaging design should be appropriate, the realization of the perfect creation intention, reflect the characteristics of The Times given design culture and national style, contains the enterprise nature and features, let people admit defeat, and can cause the resonance of the consumers in a flash. Attention to the problem of innovative wood packaging design should pay attention to make innovative wooden packaging design more valuable. ', 'recommended reading: wooden gift boxes long analysis carton how to do a good job in hangzhou heng tai moisture-proof packaging products co. , LTD. , professional design customized wooden packing box, factory main: high-grade wooden boxes, exquisite wooden gift boxes, moon cake box, such as a variety of products, quality assurance is the wooden packing box industry brand suppliers, wholesale and custom-made wooden packing box hotline: 13858066387.
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