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pillow gift boxes

by:Vitalucks      2020-06-11
The pillow gift box is a gift box shaped like a pillow.
They usually have four basic sizes. --
Mini, small, big, giant.
The design of the pillow gift box is perfect for placing items such as jewelry, tie, handkerchief, gloves, bath beads, soap, potatoes and even toys.
Pillow gift boxes are available in a variety of designs.
If you want to dress up one yourself, there are also plain gift boxes with solid colors.
This gift box is one of the easiest gift boxes to make.
What you need is what you already have at home. --
6 \"x 6\" scrapbook paper, glue, scissors, discs or any round object, ruler, and a plastic knife or fork or any blunt object you can use to rate the paper.
The first step is to place the scrapbook face down in your work area.
Next, position the ruler in 1-
4 inch from the edge, make a score line along the edge.
Fold the paper to where the score line is and apply glue on the other side of the fold.
Fold the paper to the other side and press hard to form a rectangle.
Now put the disc or any circular object on the shorter side of the paper and draw a line.
The CD should be as close to the edge as possible and in the center.
Make a line on both sides of the paper.
Now cut along the lines and put the CD on the edge.
Make a score line so you have eyes
The shape part of the shorter side of the paper.
Score the rest of the edges in the same way and fold the edges to where the score line is.
Your pillow case is now complete and you can decorate it in any way you want.
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