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Principles of wooden gift box initial finalize the design

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-09
Wooden gift box was expressed in terms of gifts for family and affection for the main purpose of practical gift packaging, is a function of packaging of the extension of social needs. Wooden gift box shape design is very important, the appearance of beautiful can let a person feel shine at the moment, this requests us in the design of novel appearance when accomplish, but at the same time we are in the preliminary styling also should follow certain principles. Under the below small make up to introduce the principle of wooden gift box when the initial finalize the design. 1, wooden gift boxes should be combined with the characteristics of products, fully using the commodity form elements as the aesthetic principles; 2, wooden gift boxes to adapt to market demand, to carry on the accurate market positioning, creating brand personality; 3, wooden gift box design to 'light, thin, short, small. To eliminate excessive packing, exaggeration and useless; 4, wooden gift boxes should be drawing inspiration from the nature, using simulation technique for the design of shape innovation; 5, wooden gift box should give full consideration to environmental and ergonomic factors. Consider the wooden gift boxes, practical and easy to use; 6, wooden gift box should also actively use new technology, new material for modern packaging design, increase the sense of innovation. As people living standard rise, present market will be in a long period of stable growth. Wooden gift box market space is very broad, and its prospect is also a state of considerable. That is about wooden gift boxes in the initial finalize the design principle, the hope can help to you. Small make up: SQS changed in 2019. 2. 25
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