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Product packaging function

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Product packaging function
The function of packaging is the embodiment of the role of packaging. It is divided into natural function and social function.
The natural function of packaging is mainly reflected in loading and protecting the commercial cabin. The purpose of loading and cutting is to prevent losses during the storage and transportation of commodities and to facilitate the transportation, loading and unloading, storage and maintenance of commodities in a short period of time; protection is mainly to maintain the integrity of the commodity quality, so that the use value of the commodity is well maintained to ensure the realization of the commodity value .
The social function of packaging is mainly embodied in media, beautification, publicity and sales of goods, and promote and expand the sales of goods. The package color for export commodities also has the special function of increasing the value of commodities (increasing the price of commodities) and earning foreign exchange. This is because the careful conception and design of the product packaging, the art and the exquisite production, are one
This kind of complicated labor management embodies higher value. Some goods are consumed5, and the packaging container can also be used as a work of art for indoor decoration, appreciation or other purposes. Beijing Packaging Box Factory, Beijing Packaging Box Production, Beijing Wooden Box Processing Factory, Northern Packaging Factory, high-end gift boxes Can meet people's special needs. In this sense, packaging not only realizes the use value and value of commodities, but also has new uses.
Use value. The labor and materialized labor are all necessary laborers in the society, and they have value and use value in themselves. The value of the packaging is attached to the value of the commodity, and when the commodity is sold, it will be compensated, thus increasing the value of the commodity. Therefore, perfect packaging can increase the price of exported goods, and even multiply the country's foreign exchange. For the packaging of export commodities, it is required to be 'scientific, economical, firm, beautiful, and marketable' in order to give play to the natural and social functions of packaging.

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