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Psychological factors in the design of specular lacquer wood wine box

by:Vitalucks      2020-03-25
( 1) The first factor to draw attention to is to enhance the packaging effect. Specular paint to draw attention to wine box design, is to enhance the packaging effect is the primary factor of note is that people are actually a kind of characteristics of the understanding of the psychological activity process, is a point to people to know things and concentration. Pay attention to the phenomenon is not an independent mental process, people no matter in perception, memory or thinking will show the characteristic of the note. From the psychology research analysis, a packaging design to bring to the attention of consumers and to understand, comprehend, the formation of memories, is applied to people's eyes, ears and sense organs of packaging in the text, colors, graphics and sound conditions of novelty features are inseparable. In the cognitive activities of people's vision, not passive accept the stimulating effect of the stimulus. But in objective stimuli and man's subjective under the interaction of internal psychological factors. Specular paint wine box packaging, figure, color and modelling form, for consumers, is a kind of & quot; Visual elements & quot; Stimuli, and these stimuli must have a certain novelty image features to attract the attention of consumers. ( 2) Emotions and associations. Designers of specular paint wine box packaging do smart is not too difficult, but to do different, and can reflect commodity culture connotation and contribution points ( Requirements) Is the most critical in the design process. In the commodity packaging design elements, colour is the strongest impact. Specular paint used by wine box packaging color, can make consumers produce lenovo, induce all feelings, make the change purchasing psychology. But when using color to stimulate people's emotions, should follow certain rules. Psychology research suggests that when rendering food packaging, do not use or use less blue, green color. With orange, orange is reminiscent of harvest, mature, that cause the customer's appetite to buy. Like our real life, consumers buy supplements product, most will be satisfied with large area of warm color attune of commodity packaging. While in detergent products for cool color packing feeling more. This is a commodity subjective reason and the role of consumer emotional associations. ( 3) Successful specular paint wine box packaging not only can cause consumer emotions and associations, but also should make consumers & quot; You'll never forget & quot; 。 Psychology think that memory is to repeat the past experience of things. Memory is an important part of the psychological cognitive process. Basic process including memorization, maintain, recall and recognition. Among them, memorization and maintain is the premise; Recall and recognition is the result. Only memorization, stay strong, recall and recognition can be achieved. Commodity packaging design, therefore, to let the consumer remember, goods must embody distinct personality characteristics, simple text, graph, image, but also reflect the cultural characteristics and modern consumer fashion goods, can let consumer permanent memory. People's psychological activity is extremely subtle and elusive, people tend to buy goods by our own impression. Commodity packaging of consumer psychological tests show that the beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgar, and rejected, the psychological feelings, not only different for men and women, old and young, for national, regional and individual preferences but there is a big difference. So, as a designer must understand the market, research design form factor and the analysis of all kinds of consumer psychology. Only in this way can accurately find the regularity of the activities in the packaging design and consumer psychology so as to improve the effect of packaging design, prompt consumers to make purchase actions.
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