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Rationalized commodity packaging and its evaluation principles

by:Vitalucks      2021-04-07
Rationalized commodity packaging and its evaluation principles
Whether the product packaging is reasonable or not depends on whether the function of the product packaging is perfect and whether the cost is saved for analysis. From the perspective of the purpose of commodity packaging, because commodity packaging must adapt to social commodity reproduction and ensure the transfer of commodities from production to consumption, it can be considered that reasonable commodity packaging can adapt to and overcome various obstacles in the circulation and sales process. The best packaging within the limit of cost. From the perspective of the social and economic benefits of commodity packaging, reasonable commodity packaging should be able to adapt to the development of the commodity economy and be continuously optimized. Regardless of material selection, container design, packaging technology, and packaging decoration, it should be continuously improved with the development of social needs, so that the packaging of commodity packages in Beijing Packaging Factory and Beijing packaging boxes can bring the best social and economic benefits. Since commodity packaging involves the interests of the society as a whole, all sectors of society and even individual members of society, reasonable commodity packaging must be a packaging that can take into account the interests of the country, the enterprise, and the individual. From the packaging function of the commodity to the Beijing packaging box manufacturer, and the Beijing wooden packaging box production, reasonable commodity packaging should be able to rely on the development of science and technology to give full play to the useful functions of the packaging entity, while minimizing and eliminating the harmful functions of the entity. package of.

From the perspective of the cost of commodity packaging, a reasonable commodity package should not only fully utilize the function of commodity packaging, but also have the least cost, which means that the commodity can be delivered safely and quickly through the circulation channel with the least cost. In the hands of consumers. According to the reasonable condition of commodity packaging, commodity packaging can be classified into two types: current reasonable packaging and reasonable prospect packaging. Reasonable current situation packaging is a kind of packaging that can adapt to the actual commodity circulation and sales conditions, so it is also called physical packaging. It is a packaging designed and formulated through active efforts and based on accumulated technical experience. Therefore, it is for the status quo. Is the best. However, it is restricted by the irrationality of the current situation of commodity circulation and sales, and there are bound to be some problems in different aspects. The packaging with reasonable prospects is a kind of packaging that can adapt to the circulation and sales conditions of prospects. This kind of packaging is reasonable packaging that can be realized under the premise of rationalization of commodity circulation and sales. It can certainly achieve the best social and economic benefits, but it needs to improve the commodity circulation and sales system. Beijing packaging box production, Beijing wooden packaging box.

According to the basic meaning of reasonable commodity packaging as outlined above. It can be concluded from the three basic principles that reasonable product packaging must follow: First, reasonable product packaging should be packaging that meets national conditions; second, reasonable product packaging should be packaging that can meet consumer needs; third, reasonable The packaging of products should be the packaging that can achieve the best social and economic effects. To see whether the packaging of goods is reasonable or unreasonable, first of all, from a macro point of view, the principle of reasonable product packaging should be to see whether it meets the national conditions, that is to say whether it meets the actual production, circulation, and sales of a country’s conditions. , Equipment, operating level, operating methods, etc.; whether it meets the requirements of fair competition among enterprises; whether it meets the consumption characteristics of consumers, including consumption level, consumption structure, consumption concept, etc.; whether it meets the resources of a country Conditions, political systems, cultural standards, etc.; of course, it also depends on whether it meets the packaging requirements

Regulations and related policies, because packaging regulations and related policies are formulated according to national conditions. The requirement that commodity packaging conform to national conditions must not only be regarded as a restriction on the development of commodity packaging, but also as a driving force for the development of packaging. Reasonable commodity packaging should have the characteristics of commodity packaging determined by the characteristics of the country. Secondly, look at whether the product packaging is reasonable or not. From a micro perspective, the principle to be followed is to see whether it can meet the needs of consumers for consuming products. Packaging is the exterior of the product, it is an add-on to the product, the ultimate performance of the utility of the product packaging can be attributed to the Beijing wooden packaging box manufacturer
It meets the needs of consumers for consuming commodities, not to mention the utility of some commodity packaging is directly related to commodity consumption. Therefore, it can be said that if the packaging is reasonable or unreasonable, it depends on whether it can meet the consumer's consumption needs of the three aspects of material, spiritual and economic packaging. If the product packaging cannot be full
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