02 wooden wine box

【 Red leather box 】 Packaging design needs to notice?

by:Vitalucks      2020-04-27
Now relative to white wine, like red wine, thereby to greatly increase the sales of red wine, red wine and leather box is also become important wooden packing box, through the packaging, can let the value of the product further improvement. So in the design of such a red leather box, in the need to pay attention to some details. Red leather box in the design, it is need not limited to the traditional cuboid, otherwise the barrel type, and there were only equipped with a bag. Because of limited bearing capacity of paper products, usually for single, in a box with double, three, but more bottled only use wooden class. Color is given priority to with contracted, classic color such as red, black, gold is used repeatedly. Is a kind of a dark, multi-purpose deep black, dark red, brown, with bright color printed LOGO advertising icon statements, etc. On select material, can be customized according to demand, of course, choose environmental protection material for processing production is better.
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